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9 April 2012, 19:18

Russian Space Agency opened innovational-educational center for cosmic services in Bashkiria

On the eve of the Cosmonautics Day the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) opened an innovational-educational center for cosmic services at the Bashkir State University today.
Bashkortostan has become the sixth region in Russia after Perm region, Tatarstan, Samara, Kirov and Nizhniy Novgorod regions, where such center is opened.
In opinion of specialists the importance of this project can hardly be overestimated since the range of services, offered by the center, is rather wide, including acceptance, registration, processing, archiving and spreading of information, obtained fr om space, using Russian and foreign equipment, meant for distant probing of the Earth.
“We intend to form the infrastructure of the innovational space center. Russia has great space potential but the infrastructure of space services still remains rather chaotic. It is important to understand that implementation of space technologies is an irreversible process and our mission is to accelerate this process” – the representative of Russian Space Agency Vyacheslaw Bezborodov stated at the opening ceremony in Ufa.
As he said, taking the fact that about 300 civil satellites fly around us into account, the opportunities of space look lim itless and can’t be restricted just with transport monitoring. The matter is making the system of high-accuracy navigation, monitoring of critically important objects and territories first of all. Besides, the center will offer educational services too.
“We want to make the base for the unified information and navigation space in the regions, gathering different information in one place and making this information convenient for users and this is our task. We are sure we are able to cope with it” – the representative of “ROSCOSMOS” stated.
Author:Galina Bakshieva
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