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29 December 2009, 15:36

Official opening of IMAX movie theatre took place in Ufa

The official opening of IMAX digital theatre took place in Ufa yesterday. Airat Gaskarov, the first deputy Prime Minister of the RB Government, the RB Minister of Finance, Paul Kachkaev, the head of Ufa administration, Vladimir Dmitryuk, the head of administration of October district and Constantine Vorontsov, the general manager of Planeta Kino theatre chain, took part in the ceremony. Demonstration of the documentary titled "Space station" was organized for important visitors and schoolchildren who were present at the opening ceremony.
According to Constantine Vorontsov, IMAX in Ufa is the first digital movie theatre in Russia erected by all Canadian technological standards and in record-breaking short time. Its construction started on September 7, 2009.
The only movie that is on in Ufa IMAX now is "Avatar" by James Cameron. However, in January of 2010 guests and residents of the city will be able to watch in IMAX 3D format such documentaries as "Space Station" and "Under the Sea", in March - "Alice in Wonderland" and "How to Train Your Dragon", in February - an educational film "Hubble", in May - "Shrek Forever After".
We would add that IMAX movie theatres are an important element of socio-cultural sphere all over the world, as one can see educationally, scientifically and socially oriented films in them.
There are more than 400 IMAX theatres in the world. In Russia, they used to number 4 in all: two in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and one in Kazan. IMAX in Ufa has become the fifth one.
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