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1 October 2021, 18:18

Ufa draughts player Aigiza Mukhametyanova - second in Russian Cup

Men's and women's championships and the Cup of Russia in draughts with the participation of five athletes from Bashkortostan came to an end in Sochi. The Bashkir team included: playing coach Yanis Safin and young athletes 16-19 years old: Ildus Allaguzin, Daria Tkachenko (all represent the city of Ishimbay), Aigiza Mukhametyanova, and Arslan Akhmetzyanov from Ufa.
Bashkir athletes have three prizes at the Russian Cup in International Draughts: Aigiza Mukhametyanova finished second in the main tournament, simultaneously winning third place in the "rapid" (rapid draughts) discipline, and Yanis Safin - third in the "blitz" event.
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