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20 August 2021, 15:33

Bashkir athletes start performing in Greco-Roman wrestling from the 1/8 finals of World Cup

On August 20, Greco-Roman wrestlers compete for medals at the Ufa-Arena. Representatives of Bashkiria Adlan Amriev and Said-Khusein Bakaev will perform at the junior world championship in Ufa.
Amriev will start his performance at the World Junior Championships with the 1/8 finals in the up to 87 kg weight category with a fight against Christian Lukacs from Croatia.
Said-Khusein Bakayev also starts from the 1/8 finals in the weight category up to 63 kg. Bakayev's first opponent will be Ziya Babashov from Azerbaijan.
Author:IMPORT Сервисный
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