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16 February , 16:38

Experiment to create electronic diplomas and certificates will be expanded

The experiment of creating digital documents on education and qualifications will continue in a new format. Now, in addition to schools, colleges, and universities, institutions of additional education will participate in it, according to the relevant decree of the Russian government.

According to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers, in 2024, the experiment will cover federal, regional, and private educational organizations, including 277 schools, 260 colleges, 61 universities, and 225 institutions of additional education.

As before, the experiment will take place in three stages. As part of the first two stages - from March 15 to September 30 - the mechanism for generating digital educational documents and the practice of transferring information about them to the public services portal for posting in users’ accounts will be worked out.

Certificates and diplomas will be generated electronically using the Unified Register of Digital Education Documents, which will operate in test mode. At the last stage of the experiment - from October 1 to December 31 - activities are planned to be carried out to put this registry into entire operation.

Working out the mechanism for creating digital diplomas and certificates will ensure the operation of the super services “Online University Admission” and “Online Digital Education Documents” on the government services portal.

Digital documents generated as part of the experiment will not have legal force and will not be issued to graduates. After its completion, electronic diplomas and certificates will be deleted from the system.

It is assumed that electronic diplomas and certificates can if desired, be used for university admission or employment on a par with traditional paper documents.

Author: Alfiya Agliullina

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