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7 February , 16:46

Bashkiria government summed up results in education

The government of Bashkiria summed up the results of 2023 in the field of education and set goals for the current year. Prime Minister Andrey Nazarov said a large-scale comprehensive renovation of the republic’s educational institutions had been carried out recently. Thanks to the federal capital repair program, about 38 thousand student places were saved over 2 years. Today, the republic is one of the top three in Russia in terms of federal funds raised and ranks second in the number of school buildings that have been renovated.

In the region, the availability of preschool education for children aged 3 to 7 years is 100% ensured. Since 2019, the “Certificate of Preschool Education” project has been implemented. In 2023, 2,150 certificates were issued. Since 2024, project funding has been increased by 19.6 million rubles thanks to funds allocated from the republican budget for more than 166 million rubles.

Also in the past year, two management practices from Bashkortostan were among the best at the federal competition “Smart Dialogue” in the “Education” category: certificates for obtaining places in a private kindergarten for children from 2 months to 3 years and practice in organizing school meals in the republic.

As part of the national project “Education” in 2023, the material and technical base of three correctional schools in the region was significantly updated; 67 “Growth Point” education centers have been created; children's technology park "Quantorium"; 4056 places for additional education for children; 43 gyms in rural schools were renovated, 5 open flat sports facilities were equipped; 41 schools are equipped with digital equipment sets; 67 school buses were purchased. 30 new dental offices were opened as part of the “Healthy Smile” module.

The annual summer health campaign was also successfully organized. In total, more than half a million school-age children were able to improve their health during the summer holidays. 2,227 children from the LPR and DPR and 185 children from the Belgorod region spent their holidays in the camps of the republic. Among 15 regions, the Republic won the competition for creating prefabricated structures. Thanks to federal and republican funds, it was possible to install 6 prefabricated structures in 4 suburban stationary camps and admit 294 children per shift. In 2024, it is planned to create 5 prefabricated structures based on 4 country camps.

The republic is actively modernizing the material and technical base of colleges. In 2023, 500 million rubles have been allocated for major repairs and landscaping. Also, thanks to participation in the federal project “Professionality”, 3 educational and production clusters and 4 educational clusters were created in the region. Federal 542 million ruble subsidies were attracted for their creation.

Six more clusters are planned to be formed in 2024. Thanks to the project, by 2024, 14 modern centers in priority sectors will operate in the republic; more than a billion rubles of federal funds have been raised for their creation. Regarding the number of centers being created, Bashkortostan ranks 1st in Russia.

For 2021–2023, 60 projects of young graduate students and candidates of science were supported by the republican budget of 75 million rubles. 4 world-class laboratories were created, the total funding of which amounted to 300 million rubles. Over the two years of implementing grant support for young scientists at universities and scientific organizations, 400 million rubles have been allocated from the Republic's budget to complete 498 scientific and educational internships and improve the living conditions of 133 young scientific and pedagogical workers.

In general, according to the results of the National Rating of Scientific and Technological Development of Regions, Bashkiria is included in the Top 10 regions of the country.

Author: Alfiya Agliullina

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