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9 March , 17:34

Most Russians believe that women and men have equal rights and opportunities

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) has published survey results about what Russians think about gender equality in modern Russia. According to sociologists, most Russians believe that women in modern Russia have the same rights and opportunities as men - 61%. Over the past 20 years, this figure has increased by 11%. At the same time, almost one in ten (11%) believes women have more rights and opportunities.

41% of Russians believe that a man copes better with the functions of a leader. Since 2007, this figure has grown by 11%. This position is equally shared by both men and women (43% and 40%). The opinion that both men and women can be good leaders is expressed by 47% of Russians. Women are considered better leaders by 7% of respondents.

Today, 73% of our fellow citizens believe that both sexes can equally be good workers. 10% name women as the best employees, and 13% - are men. 60% believe that both sexes can run a good household. Women are called the best homemakers by 26%, and men - by 8% - are the best housewives. Most Russians believe that both women and men can be good parents - 66%. Sociologists note a gradual departure from the perception of parenthood as an exclusively female duty: if in 2004-2007. 34-38% called women the best parents. Today there are fewer of them - 26%. The percentage of men who call only men the best parents remains minimal - 2%.

Author: Roman Yakimchuk

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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