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2 August , 16:58

Ufa will receive 215 million rubles for tourist centers development

Ufa is among the winners of the competition of Rostourism projects for the arrangement of tourist centers. This was announced by the mayor of the capital Ratmir Mavliev at a weekly operational meeting in the mayor's office.

According to him, according to the results of the Rostourism competition, Ufa received the maximum possible sum - 215 million rubles.

The mayor also expressed gratitude to all those who took part in the formation of the application.

Ufa Business Sheriff Damir Galiullin reported on the results of the competition in more detail. He noted that in total, projects from 85 cities of our country were submitted to the Rostourism competition.

“The total cost of the project is more than 713 million, and the amount of the subsidy is 215 million. The expected economic effect is within five years. This is the formation of new businesses and new jobs, an increase in the revenue of organizations, tax deductions to the budgets of all levels, and the number of festival programs,” said the business sheriff.

The project also provides for the equipment of local viewing platforms and centers of attraction within the boundaries of the design area. It is planned to place art passages, tourist binoculars, movie screens, photo zones, and stereoscopes.

At the same time, it is planned to place multi-format tourist information centers in the design area, as well as small architectural forms, light installations, granite pillars restricting traffic, branded hatches, service call stands, and toilets.

In accordance with the project, it is also envisaged to place information stands, route steles, park stands, directive signs, signs on display objects and cultural heritage sites.

In addition, eight felt yurts will be installed to organize all-season fair trade. Placement of five yurts on the territory of the central republican event site - the territory of the Ufa amphitheater and three yurts on the embankment at the pier of cruise ships.

As part of the project, it is proposed to implement a system of iconic sights on the embankment. It is planned to place media dioramas in three "Mayaks" of the project, allowing you to learn about the beauties of the republic and interesting tourist locations and routes.

Earlier it was reported that the arrangement of tourist centers in cities is a completely new measure to support Rostourism, first launched this year as part of the national project "Tourism and the hospitality industry".

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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