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11 May , 12:42

Bashkortostan plans to include Brest in tourism programs

The city of Brest is planned to be included in tourist routes for residents of Bashkiria. The delegation of the Republic of Bashkortostan arrived in Brest and visited the Brest Fortress on May 9.

It is reported by Sputnik Belarus.

Several directors of travel companies from Bashkortostan arrived in Brest, headed by the deputy director of the Center for Tourism Development of Bashkiria Artur Idelbaev and the representative of Bashkortostan in Belarus Konstantin Klimin.

Members of the Bashkir delegation studied the tourist opportunities of Brest and its environs. They plan to include the city, as well as Minsk and other places in Belarus, in tourist routes, which will increase the flow of tourists from Bashkortostan to the republic and vice versa.

Of course, the Brest Fortress is one of the objects that will be included in the tourist program.

In turn, the Republic of Bashkortostan can offer guests from Belarus its own ski resort, and ecotourism - river rafting, and hiking along mountain routes.

“A number of discussions have already been held today, at least five drafts have been drawn up. And during the summer, I think, programs will be developed. Among the big cities, Brest, Minsk, as well as such interesting places as the castle in Kosovo, Mir Castle, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and Khatyn are still being considered. This is just the beginning, other tourist routes will be worked out,” Konstantin Klimin said.

During their visit to the Brest Fortress, guests from Bashkortostan also visited the May 1945 archival photography exhibition and the Unknown Standard Bearer VR reconstruction, projects in the fortress prepared by Sputnik Belarus and Russia Today Media Group.

Author: Rozalia Valeeva

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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