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6 May , 18:33

Forecasters gave weather forecast for May 9 in Bashkiria

Forecasters gave a weather forecast for May 9 in Bashkiria. According to the Bashkir Met Center, atmospheric pressure will drop on Victory Day in the republic. It will be cloudy due to the atmospheric front. Occasional intermittent showers are possible. The air temperature at night will rise to +3,+8 C, during the day with a cloudy sky no higher than +13,+18 C. In the capital of the republic +15, +17 C, intermittent rains are most likely by the evening of May 9.

In general, during the upcoming holidays and weekends, due to the frequent change of air masses, the weather will be unstable in the republic. Warm days will be replaced by cool ones.

On May 7, 8, the territory of the republic will be dominated by an anticyclone. Therefore, no precipitation is expected. On the night of May 7, frosts are likely in the air and on the soil surface to -1,-6 C, in the daytime +12,+17 C. The warmest weather is expected on May 8, when in the afternoon the temperatures will reach +15, +20 C.

On May 10, rains of varying intensity are forecast in the circulation of the southern cyclone across the republic.

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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