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29 September 2021, 20:45

Ufa famous residents conquer one of most dangerous eight-thousanders in world

Famous Ufa residents - blogger Rustam Nabiev and restaurateur Sergei Belkin are currently on the slopes of Mount Manaslu.
Serey Belkin has already completed the ascent, which he shared with his followers on Facebook:
"I am on the top! Mount Manaslu. Nepal. Eight thousand one hundred sixty-three meters above sea level. The eighth tallest eight-thousander in the world", the businessman posted. According to some reports, Sergey is the first mountaineer in Bashkiria to conquer an eight-thousander.
Manaslu is the eighth largest mountain peak in the world. The ascent is considered very dangerous. The mortality rate on Manaslu is 17 percent in the entire history of ascents. The danger is created by frequent avalanches, icefalls, and cracks that occur all the way to the top.
Rustam Nabiev, who lost both legs during the collapse of the barracks in Omsk, has already climbed Elbrus. Now he is on his way to his second peak - Manaslu.
"This is my most difficult path to go. Let my ascent become a symbol for millions of people never to give up. Results can be achieved only through actions. I will do this not only for myself but also for all of us," Rustam posted on his Instagram.
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