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14 September 2021, 17:41

Doctors of Ufa cardiology center fought for patient’s life for six hours

In Ufa, the Republican Cardiology Center recently successfully carried out a unique operation - a second one, using the Bentall-de Bono method. According to the Instagram of the medical institution, this is the second such operation in a row in 20 years of the cardiac surgery department of the Center.
The 64-year-old patient was admitted to the cardiology center. In 2007, he underwent an operation using the Bentall-de Bono method. In August 2021, he felt dizzy and short of breath, addressed to the doctors. At the place of residence, examination and treatment were prescribed. And already at the beginning of September, he got to the cardio center by ambulance.
The patient was urgently taken to the operating room. He developed infective endocarditis. The artificial heart valve collapsed. The head of the cardiac surgery department No. 2, Vladimir Surkov, and his team fought for the patient's life for almost 6 hours.
Aortic valve replacement and coronary artery reimplantation were performed.
"The second operation was much more complicated than the first one," Vladimir Surkov explained. “We opened the chest, connected artificial blood circulation. The old prosthesis, which had been implanted 14 years ago, was removed, and a new prosthesis was installed in the aortic position."
The patient is now doing well. Four children are waiting for him at home. After discharge, he will be monitored annually at the cardiology center and regularly at the local polyclinic, take medications and lead a healthy lifestyle.
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