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13 September 2021, 14:49

United Russia proposes set of measures to improve environmental situation in country

United Russia proposes a set of measures that will significantly improve the environmental situation in the country in the next five years. All these tasks are outlined in the people's program, with which the party goes to the elections of the State Duma deputies.
Thus, the program proposes developing the network and increasing the number of environmentally friendly public transport - electric and hydrogen fuel. The party considers it essential to ensure the development of ecological tourism in specially protected natural areas while preserving their ecosystems to build an effective forest protection system, clearly defining areas of responsibility.
When adopting the federal budget, an increase in financing the procurement of aviation, fire, and forestry equipment should be provided. New technologies should be introduced for the rapid detection and suppression of forest fires, including sensing technologies using satellite systems and uncrewed aerial vehicles.
United Russia sets the task of ensuring guaranteed water supply to the population and economic facilities, restoring water bodies experiencing high anthropogenic load, paying special attention to unique water systems, and increasing the operational reliability of hydraulic structures.
United Russia intends to implement a party program of assistance to municipalities where the problem of stray animals is acute.
"I support and approve of the initiatives. Homeless animals propagate, pose a threat to people, and become carriers of diseases. In Bashkortostan, cases are periodically recorded when a pack of stray dogs rushes at people, and what is especially scary, at children, inflicting wounds and psychological trauma on them for life. Therefore, it is important that shelters are built for them," Zarif Baiguskarov, a candidate for the State Duma, commented.
This is only a part of the tasks outlined in the pre-election program on the environmental topic. The full text of the United Russia people's program is available on the party's official website.
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