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27 August 2021, 16:41

Bashkiria can become region popularizing blue-collar occupations prestige - expert

“This is a significant proposal by Radiy Khabirov to secure one of the major events for Bashkiria, which will be held on an ongoing basis. Bashkiria can become one of the regions where the prestige of blue-collar occupations will be popularized, aimed at improving the skills of young professionals, who will be in demand by enterprises in our region in the future.”
This opinion was expressed by the deputy of the State Duma of the 7th convocation Rafael Mardanshin, commenting on the news of offering Ufa as a permanent venue for the National Finals of the WorldSkills Championship.
“Another advantage is that there is no need to assemble and disassemble the pavilions every time for this competition; it will be a permanent platform that can be used for other purposes between competitions. These are exactly those specialties and those professions that are most in-demand at enterprises and in various sectors of the economy, ” the deputy said.
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