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25 August 2021, 19:38

New complex operation was performed at Cardiology Center in Ufa

A new complex operation was successfully performed at the Republican Cardiology Center. A resident of the Karaidelsky region underwent a second high-tech intervention, the Ministry of Health RB reports. Previously, he had an endoprosthesis (stent-graft) of the thoracic aorta. However, the patient started leaking blood between the tube of the endoprosthesis and the wall of the dilated vessel. This pathology was eliminated with the help of a special glue. It is incredibly difficult to administer it correctly - it solidifies in the body with any contact with liquid.
“The drug is imported; it has no Russian analogs. The operation was carried out by a team of specialists from the Cardiology Center led by the head of the department Timur Khafizov. Ufa cardiac surgeons were consulted online by the head of the department of the Federal Center for Neurosurgery (Tyumen) Sergey Karasev. The operation lasted for one hour. Now we have such an experience, and we will be able to perform such operations,” the Cardiology Center informs.
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