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4 August 2021, 19:41

Bashkiria Emergency Situations Ministry warns again of extreme heat

The Ministry of Emergency Situations in Bashkiria again warns residents of the republic about extreme heat. According to weather forecasters, on August 5, thunderstorms, local rainstorms, hail are expected in the region. During thunderstorms, a squally increase of wind up to 17-22 m/s is possible. In the south of the republic, intense heat is predicted up to +38 C.
According to the updated forecast, in the evening on August 4 and in the first half of the night on August 5, thunderstorms, heavy rainfalls, large hail, stormy gusts of wind 21-26 m/s are expected in places in the region.
Winds of 25 meters per second are considered gale-force winds and can cause breakage of power lines and electric transport networks. Sparking wiring is a common cause of fires.
Author:IMPORT Сервисный