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28 July 2021, 12:34

Patient with complications after heart attack underwent complex operation at Ufa cardiac center

On July 27, at the Republican Cardiology Center in Ufa, a master class was held on the closure of the postinfarction ventricular septal defect. The operation was carried out by the head of the department of X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of Moscow, Alexander Osiev.
An elderly patient who developed complications after myocardial infarction - a rupture of the interventricular septum was on the operating table. The patient was suffered from shortness of breath, intermissions in the work of the heart, general weakness. Due to a severe concomitant illness, surgical intervention was contraindicated for him, so it was decided to conduct a minimally invasive operation.
The operation lasted for an hour. During this time, an occluder was delivered to the man's heart through a small puncture in his thigh. All this time, the patient was conscious.
"A complicated operation was carried out today. Such ruptures are not frequent due to which communication between the left and right ventricles has been disrupted. Our task was to select and install a special occluder, which eliminated this defect," Alexander Osiev shared the details of the operation.
According to the press service of the medical institution, such operations have never been performed in the Cardiology Center before. The patient is now recovering, and after discharge, he will return to his normal life.
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