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10 June 2021, 16:48

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia promised to promote tourism development in national parks

Tourism will be actively developed in national parks, and nature reserves with the strictest protection regime will be subject to the minimal impact of tourists, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko told RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
“There is a softer regime in national parks; we can build infrastructure there. However, the reserves have more restrictions, and the state should not build hotels there, ” Abramchenko said.
There is one national park in Bashkortostan - "Bashkiria". It is located in the southern part of the republic, including the territory of the Meleuzovsky, Kugarchinsky, and Burzyansky districts. Over the past three years, the Tally and Beyek-tau eco-trails, eco-routes to the natural monument - Kuperlya waterfall, to the Kutuk-Sumgan tract, where the abyss cave is located, have been arranged here.
Campsites for those who like to rest in tents have been renovated on the banks of the Nugush reservoir, which is part of the national park. This year, the roads leading to the Swallow's Nest observation deck and campsites have been repaired.
“Last summer has shown that we can welcome a lot of tourists without harming nature. We managed to equip the main routes, campsites and organize tours in time. This year we expect no fewer vacationers. The weather and closed flights with resort countries contribute to this. There is a demand. The desire to develop and improve the service is also present. We see the need for the construction of new tourist sites, glamping sites, road reconstruction. All this requires additional funding. Unfortunately, today, the budget of the national park does not allow implementing many of the plans. As a federal specially protected natural area, in terms of funding, we, for example, are inferior to the Toratau Regional Geopark in many respects,” Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director of the Bashkiria National Park, commented on the issue.
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