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23 November 2020, 16:40

Orphan plays accordion to collect money to buy toys for orphanage in Ufa

"I go out on the streets and play my accordion. I have been doing this for ten years now and have taken everything to the children. Actually, they do not now allow me in due to this coronavirus situation. However, I still go and pass the toys through security," 70-year-old Yuri Ivanov says, whose story went viral on social media for his good deeds.
The Ufa resident published a post that Yuri Ivanovich was sitting near the VAZ public transport stop. Despite the frost and the fact that his fingers were freezing, he was playing the accordion to the delight of bypassers.
"I play for three hours a day. I try to go out when it's warmer. In three days, that is, nine hours, I collected about 10 thousand rubles. I'm going to buy a game for kids - table hockey," Yuri Ivanov happily shared with the Bashinform News Agency.
Yuri Ivanovich is an orphan himself. He spent all his childhood and adolescence in orphanages. Already as an adult, he began to delve into the archives and came across an entry about himself.
Yuri Ivanovich admits that he would like to see the eyes of children when he brings them gifts. However, the pandemic is doing its dirty work. He is not afraid of the coronavirus; he says that in 70 years, he has not taken a single pill. And he will continue his good deed as long as his legs will carry him.
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