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23 September 2020, 16:27

Doctors performed complex surgery on patient with liver hemangiomatosis in Ufa

Surgeons operated on a 51-year-old patient with liver hemangiomatosis in Ufa.
Hemangioma is a benign tumor which combines several types of vascular neoplasms.
The patient's liver was covered with multiple hemangiomas, which put him at risk of bleeding when removed. The surgeons of the Kuvatov Republican Clinical Hospital first performed embolization (clogging) of the vessels, then removed the tumors.
Due to the two-stage surgical treatment, doctors were able to cut blood loss in half, to retain by 14% more of healthy liver tissue, and reduce the risk of liver failure in the postoperative period by 12%.
Such two-stage treatment was carried out from 2015 to 2020 on 23 patients. The age of the patients was 33 to 58 years old, of whom 17 were women.
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