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25 March 2020, 16:36

Unique heart surgery was performed in Bashkiria for patient from neighboring region

In Bashkiria, unique heart surgery was performed at the Republican Cardiology Center (RCC). A patient from a neighboring region turned to Bashkir medical professionals for help. For a long time, he suffered shortness of breath and dizziness associated with the previous heart shunting and his valve replacement. As it turned out, after the surgery, the patient had a fistula (a pathological or artificially created hole in the body), which caused discomfort.
According to the head of the RCC department, Igor Buzaev, this is a rare pathology. This is the third operation performed according to the new technique. In total, five such surgical interventions are planned this year.
Several factors determined the uniqueness of the operation. Firstly, the team involved cardiac surgeons, x-ray surgeons, cardiologists, functional diagnosticians, and engineers. Secondly, unique equipment was used, which made it possible to combine the X-ray image with ultrasound. Due to this, the specialists got the full picture, which made it possible to make the surgery most accurately. Thirdly, cardiac surgeons embedded a unique device into the patient’s heart, among the developers of which was Italian professor Onorato. The operation lasted more than three hours. Eustachio Onorato consulted specialists online.
According to the RCC chief physician Irina Nikolaeva, unique surgeries are performed weekly in the Cardiology Center.
After the operation, the patient quickly regained consciousness, and soon he will be discharged home. In two days, March 23 and 24, RCC specialists performed two similar surgeries, the press service of the medical institution reports.
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