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5 August 2014, 15:16

Ufa will join the All-Russian Environmental Clean-Up

Ufa for the second time will join the large-scale campaign "Russian Environmental Clean-Up "Green Russia" to be held on August 30. The project organizer is the All-Russian Environmental Public Movement "Green Russia" with support of public environmental associations and governmental authorities of the regions.
As part of the environmental clean-up the "Green Russia" holds a number of competitions - the most massive participation (by regions), the most massive participation (by enterprises), the best regional program for clean-up arrangement, the best performance of children's song at a volunteer clean-up, as well as the most creative flash mob. Applications for participation should be submitted before August 10. The provisions of the competitions can be found on the website of the All-Russian Environmental Public Movement «Green Russia».
Information about the beginning of preparations for the campaign comes from 83 regions of the Russian Federation. The campaign was supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Defence, the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation Council and the State Duma.
Hotline of the campaign: 8 800 555 14 40.
Following the first "Green Russia" campaign held in 2013, a record number of participants were registered. More than two and a half million people from 77 subjects of Russia participated in the clean-up. The project won the national award "Crystal Compass" of the Russian Geographical Society in the nomination "The best social-information project on preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage". In Bashkortostan, about six thousand inhabitants attended the event, in the course of which 339 tons of waste were collected.
Author:Gulfiya Akulova