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19 February 2014, 17:26

Rustem Khamitov took part in RBC live broadcast

On February 18, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov in a live broadcast of RBC TV answered the questions of the program host "Davydov. Index" Leonid Davydov.
The head of the republic told about the last State Council Presidium held in Cherepovets, which was devoted to issues of motherhood and childhood.
Tourism issues were discussed in detail during the interview in the RBC studio, its development in Bashkortostan. Rustem Khamitov, in particular, spoke about the importance of the Bashkir honey brand for our republic. Speaking about the development of domestic tourism in the republic, Khamitov noted that "we have something to show people, there are interesting things in our republic. At the same time, we understand that tourism - is quite a complex industry, which is impossible to promote very quickly, and we have to work for years over it. And we're moving forward. The International Summits will help us; we will welcome large delegations, famous people. They will see and understand that Bashkortostan, Ufa is beautiful area, where you can come and work".
In the interview the topic of various ratings with our republic was also touched upon. In particular, the head of the "St. Petersburg Politics" Fund Mikhail Vinogradov gave the following data "if you look at the figures, it is the 11th place in social well-being, the 16th place in terms of economic development and small business development, the 18th in the human development index potential. Bashkortostan occupies the 23rd place on development of team sports, including the 5th place in ice-hockey, 11th in volleyball, 15th in handball. That is, the figures are quite worthy. If we talk about the most problematic points, I would highlight two of them: the 79th place in the ranking of housing affordability on mortgages in Russia and the first place on the maximum average annual increase in utility tariffs". "Both supporters and critics of the republic agree that a serious challenge, stress test for the republican authorities will be hosting the SCO and BRICS Summits. These are Summits without a money downpour, as it was in Vladivostok and Sochi. Nevertheless, it is very important, serious test for the city and the republic".
“We are a large self-sufficient republic; we are industrial region with long history. Our economic indicators are quite good. With regard to the gross regional product, then in 2013 we had a growth of a little over three percent. That's not bad against the overall situation.
Full transcript of Rustem Khamitov’s interview to RBC is posted on the official website of the President RB.
Author:Bashinform News Agency
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