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24 January 2013, 12:17

Muslims celebrate Mavlid – the birthday of the prophet Muhammad

On January 24 Muslims of Bashkortostan together with Muslim believers all over the world celebrate Mavlid – the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. The exact day of the prophet’s birthday is unknown and according to the most popular opinion of historians and theologians it falls on the 12th day of the month Rabiul-avval (the third month according to Hegira – the Muslim calendar). The year 570-571 is called the year of his birthday.
The birthday of the prophet Muhammad is widely celebrated by many Muslims and in some countries it is considered a state holiday. As a rule, Muslims read prayers and poems about the Prophet and shows and entertainments are organized at mosques. In particular, festive show has already taken place at the First Mosque of Ufa and at Ufa mosque “IKHLAS” and today the celebrities will also take place at many mosques of the Republic.
Author:Arina Rakhimkulova
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