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18 January 2013, 16:21

Rustem Khamitov demands to dismiss the head of Sterlitamac health protection agency

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov demanded to dismiss the head of health protection agency and the chief doctor of the hospital N1 in the town of Sterlitamac.
As the news agency “Bashinform” reported earlier, two fatalities have occurred at local medical institutions because of criminal negligence of medics and failure to render medical assistance in time.
Thus, a man with the diagnosis “duodenal ulcer with bleeding” was delivered for the local hospital N1 in August 2012. At the hospital the patient started to suffer the recurring bleeding but medical operation turned out to be too late. On September 5 the man has died.
Criminal proceedings were instituted on this case.
One more fatality has occurred in October 2012. A 25-year-old woman, suffering premature birth, was delivered for the maternity home under the local hospital N3. But medics refused to hospitalize the pregnant woman, though her documents were in order. During the second delivery she had a dead baby. The woman’s husband addressed his complaints to the law-enforcement bodies. Investigation is going on and the reasons of the refusal are specified as well as the official persons, concerned in the accident, press service of the investigatory committee reported.
Author:Elmira Sabirova