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15 January 2013, 16:55

Charity council under President RB summed up work totals-2012

Charity portal on the base of the project “Open Russia” will start working in Bashkortostan in 2013, as it was told about at today’s meeting of the republican council for charity activity under the chairmanship of the President RB Rustem Khamitov.
Work totals of the republican charity council in 2012 were summed up and plans for 2013 were announced too.
“The activity of the charity council can be estimated as positive” – Rustem Khamitov said – “For the first time we’ve legally regulated the principles of charitable activity at the republican level and indicated the measures for its stimulation. It will help to expand charitable activity of enterprises and public organizations”.
According to Rustem Khamitov 40 socially-oriented non-commercial organizations have become the holders of the federal grants, allocated by Russian Ministry for economic development in 2012. They’ve received state backing for the total sum of 23 million rubles. This means have been spent for quite concrete deeds: prophylactics of social orphanhood, support of motherhood and childhood, the rise of quality of life of elderly population, social adaptation of disabled people and their families etc. Young people fr om Bashkortostan are permanent active participants of the marathon “Making Good Deeds” and participation in such actions is the evident sign of recovery of the society after two decades of moral decay.
The President RB has marked positive changes, occurring at the local level. Thus, charity councils were established in all municipalities in 2012. With their help the authorities managed to render social assistance for the sum of more than 35 million rubles.
“Formation of new charitable structures became the main trend of last two-three years – from the big ones and to the small, wh ere just several people worked. All these structures work for the good of people. Formation of charitable culture and traditions will be continued in Bashkortostan further through spreading of the best experience, active popularization of charity and wide involving of young people in volunteer charitable movement” – Rustem Khamitov stated.
Author:Rozalia Valeeva