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26 December 2012, 11:36

Wages of pedagogues are planned to be raised up to 35 thousand rubles by 2017

On December 25 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a governmental meeting, devoted to problems of culture and art development, protection of minor orphans’ housing rights and rights of children, left without parental care. The long-term goal-oriented program “Development of education in Republic of Bashkortostan in 2013-2017” was under consideration too.
“We face the problem to raise wages in sphere of culture up to the level of the average one in the region, i.e. for five years we have to raise these wages more than two times” – Rustem Khamitov said, speaking before the members of the Government – “At present time this level is lower than the average one – slightly more than 10 thousand rubles per month-less than a half of the average wage in the Republic. And it is clear that for five years the average wage will also substantially grow. We have to start working on this problem beginning from the next year”.
Every year Republican budget allocates about two billion rubles for preservation and development of culture. For four years120 creative initiatives were rewarded with the presidential grants for the total sum of 16 million rubles, i.e. about four million rubles per year.
“Beginning from 2013 we will additionally allocate 100 million rubles every year for realization of new cultural projects. We have to promote Republican art widely at various prestigious all-Russian and international contests. We should digitalize and place the best samples of Bashkir literature, music and fine art in internet”.
The President RB has also touched upon the problem of social protection for culture employees.
“The problem with housing still remains very hot” – Rustem Khamitov mentioned – “More than a half of culture workers have no flats. We will allocate 50 million rubles every year for housing acquisition on the terms of co-financing. Municipal administration has also to make its own contribution to this work”.
Talking about problems in education sphere Rustem Khamitov has mentioned that serious changes have occurred in material and technical base for the last two years. The level of schools’ supply with modern equipment – sports, medical and training one - is substantially increased. More than three billion rubles have been spent for these purposes, including 2,85 billion – from the federal exchequer. Almost 98% of this sum has been mastered at the end of the year.
The Republic has managed to raise teachers’ wages up to the level of the average one in the region in the fourth quarter of 2012. At present time the average wage of a teacher amounts to more than 22,5 thousand rubles. Beginning from the next year wages of teachers in kindergartens will be raised up to the average level too.
The President RB has specially underscored that federal financing of the project for general education modernization will be over in 2013 and beginning from 2014 regions have to raise teachers’ wages, refurbish schools and purchase school buses exclusively at the expense of their own means.
“We have to approve a long-term goal-oriented program for education development till 2017” – the President RB said – “This program should contain the main parameters we have to follow and the goals we have to achieve. For instance, we have to cut the shortage of places in our kindergartens completely by 2016. According to different sources we still have more than 30 thousand people, who need such places, and if one place in a kindergarten costs about 500 thousand rubles, it means that we need 15 billion to solve this problem. By 2017 we have to increase the share of pupils, trained with the help of IT, up to 70%. Teachers’ wages have to be raised up to 35 thousand rubles by 2017 and up to 28 thousand rubles – for teachers in kindergartens. Wages of pedagogues in children art centers, at sports schools and colleges – up to 33 thousand rubles”.
The President RB has also touched upon the problem of housing for minor orphans. 1300 orphans have received the keys from new flats since 2007. At the same time this queue grows and too rapidly. At present time 3400 people need flats. “This problem is very complicated and there are no easy ways for its solution, but we have to solve it anyway” – the head of the Republic underscored.
Author:Rosalia Valeeva