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18 September 2012, 11:41

A school of Koran experts is opened in Ufa

A school of young Koran experts is for the first time is opened in Bashkiria. Lessons will be conducted in Ufa at the Islamic college by Miriam Sultanova.
The director of the school Ildar Malakhov reports that 17 children at the age of 9-14 are signed up for today. Lessons will be conducted three times a week and sheikhs from Islamic institutes of Egypt and Turkey will be their pedagogues.
The whole curriculum is meant for two years and those children, who successfully pass gradual examinations, receive the status of Koran-khafiz, which is highly appreciated by Muslims.
Unfortunately such schools were absent in Bashkortostan before though in other Russian regions these schools exist for many years (in Tatarstan and in some Caucasian republics).
Koran-khafiz means Koran-keeper, the expert, who knows Koran by heart. Such people mustn’t forget even a single letter of Koran and have to share their knowledge with other Muslims. Every Muslim community must have at least one Koran-keeper. Before October revolution there were rather many such keepers in Volga-Ural zone but many decades later their number reduced to nearly zero. The first Koran-keepers of a new epoch started to appear in the region since the end of the 1980s. They were invited experts from the Middle Asia, Turkey and Arab countries.
Author:Arina Rakhimkulova