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4 September 2012, 17:46

Proposals for strategy of national pension system development are welcomed

The draft strategy for development of national pension system till 2030 is worked up in Russia. It is placed on the site of Russian Ministry for labor and social protection in the chapter “Bank of documents”.
The strategy determines the tasks for long-term development of national pension system, social priorities and guidelines as well as the mechanisms of state policy in sphere of pension provision on separate stages of its development.
At that the strategy is based on earlier experience of pension reforms in Russia and on global tendencies in development of national pension systems abroad.
The main goal of the strategy is determination of directions and tasks on forming a social-insurance pension system in the country. First of all the matter is that the amount of labor pension should be adequate to average salary of worker within a work period of time, having definite length. As the specialists say, the wage replacement rate should be equal to at least 40%.
Any citizen of Russia may send his proposals concerning development of national pension system to Russian Ministry for labor and social protection through the corresponding electronic form on the Ministry’s site.
Translated by:Galina Bakshieva