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30 March 2012, 12:39

US Consul General will visit Bashkir State Pedagogical University

International forum “International bonds in Russia” with participation of Fulbright Program grant holders in Russia will take place at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University, Ufa, on March 30 and the US Consul General in Yekaterinburg Michael Reinert will take part in work of the conference .
The press-service of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University reports the Fulbright Program is considered the biggest program of scientific and cultural exchange, supported and financed by the Bureau for education and culture of the US State Department. At present time the program covers 140 countries.
14 grant holders, working in different cities of Russia – Tyumen, Kazan, Saratov, Archangelsk and others – expected to take part in the conference.
The Fulbright Program is considered one of the biggest international exchange programs in sphere of education, funded by the US Government. It was launched with the purpose to improve mutual understanding between population of the United States and populations of other countries. The program has given an opportunity to more than 230 thousand participants in other countries, chosen thanks to their leader properties, to become acquainted with activity of political, economic and cultural organizations, to exchange views and to initiate joint projects for the good of all nations in the world.
The program was established in 1946 in accordance with the bill, introduced by former senator from the state of Arkansas J.W. Fulbright. Since the moment of the program’s establishment 34 thousand foreign scientists worked at US universities and more than 32 thousand American scientists were busy with similar activity abroad. Every year the program confers about 750 grants on scientists, arriving in the USA from other countries. Annual appropriations, allocated by the US Congress to the State Department, are the main financial source of the program. Governments of the countries, taking part in the program and receiving universities of other foreign countries and the USA, also make their financial endowment to development of the program.
Six Soviet and six American scientists have received the program’s grant for conducting of scientific investigations and reading lectures in 1973, thus laying solid foundation of two-sided academic cooperation.
For 35 years of continuing work the Fulbright program has given one thousand Russian professors, pedagogues and young specialists a chance to establish new scientific contacts, to continue their education and to work on probation. The program gives grants to Russian scientists, working in sphere of humanitarian and social sciences and who’d like to visit one of US universities either for reading lectures or for conducting some investigations, on a competitive basis.
Author:Rozalia Valeeva
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