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9 February 2012, 15:41

The first in 2012 flower ceremony for mothers with many kids has taken place in Ufa

About 60 mothers, having many kids, arrived in Ufa on February 9 to receive public recognition of their modest but at the same time so necessary labor. Before the beginning of the ceremony the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov didn’t spared kind words and it wasn’t a surprise. Nowadays it can be called heroism to rear even two kids but rearing five and more stands for real heroism.
“Giving birth and rearing kids is not an easy labor” – the Vice-Premier mentioned – “Irrespective of any obstacles every mother is ready to devote herself, her time, care and love to kids and it imposes high responsibility on the Republican authority. It is not accidentally that in accordance with the presidential decree 2012 is declared the Year of happy childhood and family values in the Republic”.
As the Vice-Premier mentioned, state support of families, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood remains one of the priorities of social policy in the Republic and this policy includes the whole series of economic, social and legal measures, aimed at making the conditions for child rearing in Bashkortostan as comfortable as possible.
Author:Elmira Sabirova
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