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2 February 2012, 21:46

Boris Melkoedov: “Bashkortostan already has digital broadcasting format”

“Bashkortostan already possesses rather well-developed infrastructure for digital broadcasting” – the Minister for communication and mass communications RB Boris Melkoedov stated, talking to journalists on February 2.
According to the federal program “Development of TV-radio broadcasting in Russian Federation in 2009-2015” the process of launching digital TV networks in Bashkortostan has to be completed by 2015 and “the Republic will follow the time-frame, approved at the federal level”, the Minister said. At that he says it’s quite possible that some positions in turning to “digit” can be reached earlier.
“Bashkortostan has more than 400 receiving stations, spreading TV-signal on the whole territory of the region. Nothing prevents us to mount digital transmitters on these units, thus shortening the time of the federal “digital” program” – Boris Melkoedov explained.
“At that the approach has to be balanced and we have to do so that people, receiving free analogue signals, can use these signals until all conditions for turning to the free digital mode are to the fore” – the Minister stated.
Translated by:Sergey Zakharov