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31 January 2012, 21:49

Bashkortostan is one of the first Russian regions, implementing mobile complexes for nursing newborns

Bashkortostan is considered one of the first Russian regions, which started implementing the mobile reanimation complexes for nursing the newborns, having extremely low body mass. Two such complexes are already put into exploitation in Ufa, one in Sterlitamac and one in Salavat. In the course of the nearest two days several other perinatal centers of the Republic will be equipped with such units.
The representative of the company “Internet-Service” Michael Kozlov, specializing in deliveries of the equipment for Bashkortostan, reports that implementation of the reanimation complexes is running within the frames of the health protection modernization program. At present time the network of such complexes is being launched in the Republic and finally it will be ten of them.
“Bashkortostan is the first region in Russia, which introduced the abovementioned complex in the regional health protection system in full volume” – Michael Kozlov said during presentation of one of such complexes at the maternity home N4 in Ufa.
This equipment is adapted for work in different conditions and can be used during transportation by any vehicle. The system functions in autonomous mode and provides for continuous process of newborn’s medical treatment even during transportation. Besides, the system provides for full control over the newborn’s state of health on way and coordinates the work of the medic, found near the baby, and that is important in territorial conditions of our Republic.
The complex costs 3,8 million rubles. It consists of the breathing system, the system of artificial lungs ventilation, various diagnostic devices, dosing syringes and other medical equipment. The construction of the device allows one man easily transporting the kid from one accommodation to another and from one level to another one.
“The uniqueness of this equipment is that it can be used for treatment of all newborns and not just for the babies, prematurely born” – the deputy Minister for health protection RB Ralida Shakirova says – “We really need this equipment, taking the fact that beginning from this year Russia turns to the new criteria of registration of the newborns, recommended by the World Health Organization, into account, i.e. now we can nurse even the babies, weighing about 500g and born within the period from 22 weeks”.
Translated by:Alfia Agliullina