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23 January 2012, 11:58

The site about stupid things, undertaken by functionaries, is launched in Russian internet

The site, which started recently working in Russian segment of the global network, is devoted to the most foolish laws and non-adequate decisions of the Russian authorities. The appearance of the site was initiated by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev within the frames of the project “Big Government”.
Any visitor of the site may share the silly things, made by federal or regional functionaries, and for convenience of the users the site classifies the regions and the themes: “Transport and roads”, “Housing and habitat” etc.
The designers of the site say it is made not just to laugh and to protest against the silly things of Russian officials but it is called to become the instrument in solution of serious problems in Russian society.
For the first three days of the site’s work the messages about almost 500 various “silly things” have appeared on it. The spheres of housing and communal services, health protection and transport lead in the themes at present time.
Author:Alfia Sharafutdinova