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16 December 2011, 17:40

Rustem Khamitov has held the first gathering of the Charity Council

An important dialogue between the authority and the representatives of various charity and business organizations has taken place in Ufa on Friday, December 16, within the frames of the first gathering of the Republican Charity Council and held by the President RB Rustem Khamitov.
“Charity is very important element of public society, the index of of its morality and civilization and here we should start working with the widest circle of the participants: public organizations, business communities and state structures. It shouldn't become the attempt of the state to shift a part of its obligations on the shoulders of others. We have to supplement each other mutually” - the President of Bashkortostan said.
At the same time the number of charity funds and organizations in the Republic is going on stably growing. Five years ago 80 charity organizations have been registered in Bashkortostan. At present time there are 223 such organizations, and 47 were established in 2011. The Fund for the social goal-oriented programs RB holds the deserved place in this list and, as the President RB mentioned, the Republic cooperates with several big companies, such as the Ural mining metallurgical company, the charity funds of the AFK “System” and with the charity fund “Ural”, with the help of this Fund.
“Thanks to accumulation of finances by the Fund for social goal-oriented programs RB we are able to repair and reconstruct various social objects, help the needy and hold charitable actions and other arrangements. The overall volume of the means, accumulated by the Fund, will reach almost two billion rubles in 2011” - Rustem Khamitov stated.
At the same time charitable activity faces several problems and one of such problems is the absence of the systematic approach to charity because quite successful and prosperous enterprises often render assistance only in the regions, where they live. It is good for Ufa but there are many places where such enterprises are absent and here the charitable activity is found close to zero.
The President RB called the absence of the normative base for economic stimulation of charity in the Republican legislation another serious problem.
“On the federal level the activity of charitable organizations is regulated by the federal laws about non-commercial organizations, about charitable activity and by the tax code. The law concerning lowering of the tax burden for charitable organizations has been passed in the country in 2010” - Rustem Khamitov reported - “At the same time the status of charitable communities and the forms of their support by the state aren't yet determined in the Republic and this is the gap in the Republican legislation. We have to pass such law. Besides, the concept for encouragement of charitable activity till 2020 is passed on the federal level and we have to work up a similar concept here”.
In opinion of Rustem Khamitov this document should determine the ways of charitable activity, development of volunteer movement in the Republic and it has to provide for the transparency of financial activity of such organizations. The role of the Bashkir Public Chamber should grow in this sphere too.
For the reference: the Republican Charity Council was established on November 1, 2011. The council is a collegial deliberative body, working on a voluntary basis. The council is established with the purpose of supporting and development of the charity activity in Bashkortostan. The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov is the chairman of the council.
Author:Elmira Sabirova
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