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24 November 2011, 16:06

The contest “Bashkir national costume is a heritage of ages”

The contest “Bashkir national costume is a heritage of ages”, initiated by the World Bashkir Congress (Kurultay) executive committee, has taken place in the Culture Palace “NEFTYANIK”, Ufa, today. The contest was aimed at popularization of national Bashkir values, national culture and at attraction of Republican business to manufacturing of national Bashkir clothes.
More than 160 representatives from 23 towns and regions RB presented their works in seven nominations: “Ethnographic costume”, “Modern suit”, “National wedding costume”, “Head gear for men”, “Stage costume”, “Dolls in national clothes” and “Sketches”.
A member of the jury, the deputy chairman of the World Bashkir Congress executive committee Valiakhmet Badretdinov reports the contest, held for the first time, provoked high interest, especially among women.
“Unfortunately we start forgetting our national traditions” - he mentioned - “Ant it can be clearly seen in the clothes we wear. All of us wear modern and very suitable European clothes. It is good but more than 100 nationalities live in our Republic and we can see nothing national in our streets. If we manage to create modern suits but made in the national style, I think that all of us will look more varied and fine”.
Author:Timur Rakhmatullin