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17 November 2011, 18:10

Bashkir institutes and colleges celebrate the International Student Day

The International Student Day is celebrated on November 17. This holiday was established in 1941 in London during the international student meeting in the memory about Czech students-patriots. On November 17, 1939, the leaders of the Czech Student Union have been arrested and shot by fascists, many of them have been sent to concentration camps and their institutes closed.
At present time the International Student Day unites students of all faculties and education institutions. Thus, presentation of the annual award “The Student of the Present Time” has taken place at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University by M. Akmullah and 15 people have become its laureates.
The Ministry for education RB reports about 220 thousand students study at the state higher and secondary education institutions of Bashkortostan for today. The Russian Student Day is celebrated on January 25 and signifies the end of the winter session.
Translated by:Elmira Sabirova