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16 August 2011, 18:15

Vaccines against hepatitis B and red measles enter Bashkortostan

The vaccines against hepatitis B and red measles start entering Bashkortostan. “All necessary vaccines are already entering the Republic” – the head of the immune prophylactics dept under the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Center Mukarama Khairetdinova reports. According to her the intermissions with vaccines occur rather often.
“The matter is that any free vaccine is delivered for the region in accordance with the national vaccination calendar and for, example, in 2010 Bashkortostan had to wait for the vaccine against red measles for a long time. We can’t get new vaccines when the reserves are over. We can only submit the corresponding application to the Ministry of health protection and social development of Russia and that’s all”- she said – “But in a whole the vaccination in the Republic is running in accordance with the schedule”.
Author:Alfia Agliullina
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