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13 July 2011, 20:38

The project of the health system budget RB was under discussion in Ufa

The parameters of the budget RB in sphere of health protection in 2012 were under discussion in Ufa on July 13. For the first time the budget was discussed within the frames of the project “National Budget” in the format of public hearings and not by a narrow circle of functionaries. Along with the representatives of the authority, directly responsible for the distribution of means, medics, scientists and other medical employees were invited too and everyone might express his requests.
The regional manager of the all-Russian National Front’s project “National Budget”, the deputy Chairman of the State Council RB Rafael Zinnurov reported that in the nearest future such hearings would be held in the country on all branches of social-economic life.
“National Budget” – is a new political tradition and every citizen of the country may take part in formation of the budget” – the deputy prime-Minister of the Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov said at the hearings.
According to the Vice-Premier such format presumes free discussion and the possibility to include the most interesting proposals into this financial document. Every idea should be considered by the expert council and only after that it can be included in the budget’s project in this or that branch.
The Minister of health protection RB George Shebaev told the comers that in 2012 the budget of the Republican health system would make up more than 5 billion rubles and the main focus in distribution of the budget means would be laid on prevention of the diseases, causing 80% of lethality among local population: cardiovascular diseases, traumas and oncology.
Author:Alfia Agliullina
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