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12 October 2010, 18:27

Arcady Tishkov: “Bashkiria has luck with the time zone”

“Bashkiria has luck with the time zone and there is no need to change anything” – this is the opinion of Arcady Tishkov, Doctor of geographical sciences, Professor, the deputy director of the Institute of geography under the Russian Academy of sciences. Arcady Tishkov is also a member of the workgroup, established for fulfilling of the order of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on optimization of the number of the time zones in the country.
“In reality Moscow lives at Bashkir time and not Bashkiria has to live at Moscow time. Your region is maximally close to the astronomic time and there are no problems here. The daylight hours are used in Bashkiria maximally and there are no any medical-biological consequences from the existing time zone here and to those, who’d like to change the time zone in your Republic, I’d recommend to look through the geography text-book once again and to be more attentive, responsible and careful about this question. Perhaps, Moscow time is more convenient for fishermen, football and hockey fans, businessmen and travelers but just think what percent the people of these categories cover on the whole?” – he said to the news agency Bashinform”.
Translated by:Svetlana Gafurova