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21 September 2010, 16:47

For the first time Russians celebrate a new holiday

The new holiday – the World Day of Russian unity – is celebrated today for the first time. The holiday still doesn’t possess a state status, nonetheless 24 countries have already said yes to a new idea, including Russia, Byelorussia, Armenia, Poland, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, Estonia and other countries, where Russians live in communities.
The Russian Union of compatriots in Kirghizia was the initiator of the holiday. By its proposal the international initiative committee of “The World Day of Russian unity” was established in autumn 2009. The idea of a new holiday was presented in November 2009 at the II international youth forum “Saint-Petersburg and young compatriots: the bridges of cooperation in the XXI century”.
The holiday is established with the purpose to preserve the ethnic-cultural originality of the Russian nation and for popularization of Russian language and literature as a part of the world cultural heritage. The date of September 21 is chosen not accidentally since this day is marked with many important historical milestones in life of Russians and in formation of the Russian state. The uniting of Russian tribes and the beginning of Rurik’s ruling is related to September 21, the year of 962. The Great Novgorod was founded on this day in 959. On September 21, 1380, Dmitry Donskoy celebrated the victory in the battle on the Kulikovo field. Besides, one of the greatest Christian holidays – the Godmother Xmas – is celebrated also on September 21.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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