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26 August 2010, 17:12

The measles in Russia is practically liquidated

Russia practically liquidated such disease as the measles, RIA “NOVOSTI” reports, referring to the chief sanitary officer of Russia Gennady Onishenko. “Russia entered the final stage of the measles liquidation. The sickness rate with the measles in the country makes one case on one million people and according to the criteria of the World Health Organization it means elimination of the measles” – RIA “NOVOSTI” sites the words of M-r Onishenko. He underscored that they managed to preserve these positive results though several cases of the measles import from China were registered in the region of Amur.
The head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights reports the Russian Ministry of justice registered the enactment, determining the staff of the national certification commission, which aim was to define the status of the Russian regions from the point of view of the sickness rate with the measles. M-r Onishenko mentioned that the national commission would prepare its conclusion that Russia completely got rid of this disease. After that the report, nominating Russia as the country, having liquidated the measles completely, will be introduced to the World Health Organization. According to M-r Onishenko the vaccination against the measles will be continued and at least 95% of Russian kids have to be obligatory vaccinated against this illness. “It doesn’t mean the inoculations will be stopped in the country. This work is to be continued at the same level” – Onishenko stated.
The situation with the measles in Bashkortostan remains stable, the head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Directorate in Bashkortostan Zukhra Dayanova said:
“Since 2006 we haven’t registered a single case of measles. Nonetheless the vaccinations against this illness are regularly held in the Republic within the frames of the top priority national project “Health”. In 2010 we intend to inoculate 25 thousand people against the measles” – she reports.
As for the statement, made by Gennady Onishenko, Zukhra Dayanova mentioned that the Directorate of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in Bashkortostan prepared a set of the documents, certifying Bashkiria as the territory, free from the measles.
Author:Alfia Agliullina
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