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20 July 2010, 18:06

Laureate of Zvorykinsky Award Lilia Anisimova introduced results of her project at “Seliger-2010”

The laureate of the award by Vladimir Zvorykin-2009 in the nomination "The best innovational project" Lilia Anisimova introduced the results of her unique project "The bio-preparation for environment refinement from ecologically dangerous xenobiotics" at "Seliger-2010".
One year ago the innovational forum “Seliger-2010" turned the life of the post-graduate from the Institute of biology under the Ufa Scientific Center RAS Lilia Anisimova upside down. In 2009 she brought her project of the bio-preparation, able to clean soil and waters from pesticides cheap and quickly, there. After the TV-bridge several serious partners became interested in her project. At present time the girl already signed several big investment contracts. The production piece is received, the contract with the production plant is signed and she already has several preliminary orders.
The unique preparation represents the collection of special bacteria, splitting poisonous pesticides and carcinogens in the soil into water, oxygen and organic remains.
The forum “Seliger-2010” is realized with the assistance of the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the organizers call it an efficient and systematic site for selection, development and backstopping of talented young people. It is held near the lake of Seliger, Tver region, since 2005. The Russian authorities, the best representatives of Russian intelligentsia and popular musicians traditionally hold meetings with the participants of the forum. In 2010 the forum will be held till July 30.
Author:Alfia Agliullina
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