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24 June 2010, 14:34

Graduation parties took place in schools of the republic

The day that 27 thousand 11th formers of the republic look forward to is behind. Graduation parties took place in schools, lyceums and gymnasiums yesterday. Warm and sunny weather only favoured the festive mood of school-leavers, their teachers and parents. It needs to mention that every school prepared to this event with special mood: all children must remember this evening for life. Ufa gymnasium was no exception as well.
This year it graduated three classes specialized in linguistics, math and economic studies. Four out of 55 eleventh formers go out into life with gold medals and another four pupils have silver ones. However, today the major indicator of academic achievement is not medals, but the result of the Unified State Examination. But according to the school head Irina Kiekbaeva, this year pupils have again successfully passed all examinations.
"The gymnasium pupils more than once took medal places in the regional and all-Russian competitions and forums," the school head mentioned. "Most of them enter universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the leading universities of our republic.
After school leavers were given certificates of secondary general education, the concert started. Boys and girls sang, danced and joked. They devoted many songs to parents and teachers, who were with them for many years and gave them a start in life.
The official part was followed by the celebratory dinner and discotheque.
Author:Elmira Sabirova
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