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31 May 2010, 11:50

Orthodox Christian start Peter’s fast

The Orthodox Christians begin one of four many-day fasts – the Peter’s fast. This fast is always finished on July 12 – the Day of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. In the honor of this feast the fast is called the Peter’s fast or the apostle’s fast and the main goal of the fast is preparation for the celebrities in the name of two supreme apostles, practiced by the believers since the first centuries of Christianity.
The Peter’s fast always starts on Monday in a week after the Trinity feast, which date in its turn depends on the date of the Easter’s celebration, so the duration of the fast changes every year. In 2010 the Easter was early, as the priests said – it fell on April 4. The Trinity, celebrated on the 50th day after the Easter correspondingly fell on May 23. So the Peters’ fast will last 42 days. This fast is considered non-severe – the believers may eat fish all days a week, except Wednesday and Friday. The fast is considered over on July 12 after the festive service.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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