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11 March 2010, 14:18

Conference, devoted to Achmet-Zaki Validi, has taken place in Kazakhstan

The conference, devoted to life and creation of Achmet-Zaki Validi and dated to his 120th anniversary, has taken place in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), the Kazakh news-agency “HABAR” reports, and this fact proves the interest in the name of Achmet-Zaki Validi is great in the Turk world and his works are studied far beyond his motherland.
The Kazakh scientists are interested first of all in the comparative analysis of the old alphabet systems, existing in the Turk languages, made by him in 1920, and in his work over the unique manuscript by Ibn Fadlan “The Travels Book”, discovered by him in the Iranian town of Meshed and translated and published in Leipzig later. As historians say, this manuscript is of great importance for Orientalists today.
The ties of Achmet-Zaki Validi with the scientists Mustafa Shokay and Alikhan Bukeihanov were also under consideration at the conference. In 20s last century Achmet-Zaki Validi together with Mustafa Shokay published the journal “Jana Turkistan” in Istanbul in spite of some disagreements between them.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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