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26 February 2010, 16:43

More than 60kg of drugs is liquidated in Ufa

The officers of the Federal Drug Circulation Control Service Dept RB liquidated more than 60 kg of drugs: 15kg of heroine, more than 20kg of marihuana and more than 15 kg of poppy straw. The total sum of might-have-been criminal income might exceed 20 million rubles. Liquidation of drugs is the planned action, held several time a year. In 2009 six liquidations of drugs have occurred and more than 400 kg of various drugs have been burnt by the policemen. In particular, the drugs were liquidated in accordance with the criminal case with respect to the criminal gang, which drugs for the sum of about 15 million rubles had been arrested by the police in 2007. The staff of the international gang consisted of the citizens of several Middle Asian countries and the representatives of local Gypsy diaspora. The citizens of Uzbekistan have been arrested near the Ufa railway station.
“They arrived in Russia in search of a job and went to Tyumen region but the capital of Bashkiria turned out to be the final point for them” – the deputy head of the Federal Drug Circulation Control Service in Bashkortostan, Mayor-General Vitally Martynov recalls – “In the course of the examination we’ve discovered very large lot of heroine. The drugs were kept in the specially equipped secret places in the double-bottom bugs. The shoes, taken out from the bugs, were also with the “filling”. The 100g-packets with the drugs were stitched into the soles. The overall weight of the arrested drugs exceeded 8kg. As the Uzbeks said, they agreed to transport the heroine from Uzbekistan to Russia for the reward at 1000 dollars”. The police have arrested other 3kg of heroine from the leaders of the gang, who traveled the same train. In total complexity all participants of the gang are sentenced to 44 years of imprisonment.
Author:Elena Makushina
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