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11 January 2010, 15:42

Today is the Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks

January 11 is the Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks. This date is observed since 1997 on the initiative of the Wildlife Protection Centre and the World Wildlife Fund. The first state nature reserve - Barguzinsky Nature Reserve - was formed on this very day in 1916.
The formation of the first nature reserve of the national scale was aimed at preservation of the population of Barguzin sable and other animals at the Baikal. In 1986 by the decision of UNESCO Barguzinsky Nature Reserve was given the status of biospheric and was included into the world network of biospheric reservations.
Today there are 100 nature reserves with the total square of more than 33 million hectares and 38 national parks with the total square of about 7 million hectares in Russia. They preserve 80% of the species wealth of the plant and animal world.
Bashkortostan has three nature reserves: the Bashkir Nature Reserve, the Shulgan-Tash Reserve, the Yuzhno-Uralsky Reserve and the "Bashkiria" National Park.
Author:Galiya Nabieva
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