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27 December 2009, 13:37

Muslims mark the Ashura Day today

Muslims all over the world celebrate one of the most important Muslim holidays – the Ashura Day (the Day of the Prophet’s and the messengers’ commemoration). The Ashura Day falls on the 10th of Mucharram – the first month of the Muslim Lunar Calendar and name of this festival comes from the Arab word “ashara”, i.e. “ten”.
In accordance with the Koran the sky, the earth, the angels and the first man Adam had been created on this day and same day Allah displayed ten goods to ten prophets. The end of the world has also to occur on Ashura Day in accordance with Islam.
This holiday is followed with either two-day or three-day fast. It is accustomed to believe the fast in Ashura Day purifies people from all previous sins and visit to a patient is compared with attendance of all children of Adam. The person, giving water to the thirst this day, is considered sinless.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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