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11 November 2009, 11:39

Rail Sarbaev: Improvement of documentation procedure is the matter of principal

The Republic of Bashkortostan and the Federal Registration Service are preparing for signing "The Informational Cooperation Agreement". Rail Sarbaev, the Prime Minister of the Government RB, and Sergey Sapelnikov, the deputy head of the Federal Registration Service discussed items of the future Agreement yesterday. Technical parameters of the future electronic interaction and regulations of the procedures were discussed during the meeting.
Electronic documentation procedure will help to simplify many processes. Moreover, Bashkortostan has a solid experience in this question. The "electronic" key that makes possible to learn information about the balance of the pension account, to make an appointment at the doctor's, to receive social benefits and many other things is the Social Card RB. "Registration question" may become the eighth supplement of the Card.
With the help of the future supplement, one will be able to learn all the necessary information without going to the Registration Chamber and just using the Internet or infomats. This will save time and speed up getting extracts form registers and other information.
Now the joint group is working out the details of this Agreement.
As a result, the access to the services of the Russian Register will be expanded, and it will eventually have an influence on queues and the quality of service.
Rail Sarbaev pointed out that improvement of documentation procedure is the matter of principal, and everything that is necessary for signing of this Agreement is actively worked on now.
Author:news agency "Bashinform"
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